We use Rust Authority annual oilspray which provides a protective barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements of nature.
Our annual application will STOP the corrosion process, even if rust has already begun.

Rust Authority is a tested and proven rust preventative coating that contains no solvents or toxic chemicals, providing clean, safe and durable protection from rust and corrosion.
The unique chemistry displaces moisture which means your annual application can be applied in any weather condition.

Price List

Prices are +HST
Vehicle SizeUnderside OnlyComplete
Sub-Compact - (Honda Fit - Ford Fiesta - Nissan Versa - Chevy Sonic - Toyota Yaris)$60$120
Compact - (Honda Civic - Ford Focus- Toyota Corolla - Nissan Altima - Chevy Cruze)$70$140
Mid-Size- ( Toyota Camry - Ford Fusion - Nissan Maxima - Honda Accord - Chevy Malibu)$80$140
Full Size- (Ford Taurus - Chevrolet Impala)$80$140
C.U.V or Vans - ( Buick Encore, Mazda CX5, Volkwagen Tiguan, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Caravan)$100$160
Small S.U.V. & Small Trucks- (Ford Edge - Toyota Highlander- Ford Ranger, Chevy Equinox, Nissan Rogue)$100$180
Mid Size S.U.V. - (Toyota Highlander, Buick Enclave, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder)$120$180
Trucks- (Ford F150- Toyota Tundra- Toyota 4Runner- Chevrolet Tahoe - GMC Sierra)$140 and up$220 and up
Prices are subject to Discretion and Change